About me

Bastian Friborg Consulting was founded in 2018 with a focus on connecting diplomats and business executives with the Danish political system. I support my clients strengthening their framework conditions and protect and expand the business premises in order to reach their goals.

Bastian Friborg, Founder

Founder of Bastian Friborg Consulting and specialist in the field of international relations and Danish foreign- and security policy. Bastian is always ready to help and facilitate collaboration, project management and is always prepared to just talk things through with clients.

I have international experience from a long stay in Bangkok, with focus on international relations and international organisations. In the rural areas near the Thai border to Laos my focus was on education of children and young people and the establishment of a simple system for planning and organizing learning camps.

About me

I am 31 years old, married and with two lovely children. I have an extensive education behind me in both Religious Studies, with a focus on Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia and Thailand. My Master in International Relations focused primarily on international organizations, such as NATO, the EU and the UN, and security policy issues, like the refugee crisis in Europe.

Thus, I have a broad educational background that allows me to look at international politics and cultural relationships from a unique angle.

In recent years, I have worked with growth and regional strategy development for the City of Copenhagen. I have arranged Business Dialogue meetings for hundreds of CEO's and five mayors and had three mayors on political trips to Paris, Lisbon and Hamburg. All of this has given me insight into the public sector's strengths and weaknesses.

With Bastian Friborg Consulting, I want to share my passion for international affairs and international politics, and use my skills to spar with diplomats, managers, politicians and other stakeholders. Focus is on reasonable practices in the fields of politics, international relations, including media monitoring, contact creation between managers, business executives, resident diplomats and Embassies, and central players in the Danish Public Administration and politicians in both City Councils and at the Parliament.

Ethical guidelines

Bastian Friborg Consulting complies with internationally recognized industry standards for ethical guidelines.

Bastian Friborg Consulting follows the following ethical principles for all of our clients:

  • Bastian Friborg Consulting can not simultaneously have the task of directly conflicting commercial interests.
  • Bastian Friborg Consulting acts with complete confidentiality regarding all matters relating to our clients.
  • Bastian Friborg Consulting always gives our clients the best possible objective advice - even if this is that the given client should not take any active action in any given case.

Personal thoughts

I often think of the elements of global development. Here are some of my thoughts about issues which I believe are essential for the development of the world today.


I believe that everyone through learning-by-doing can make changes for the better in his life.

Through my internship at Openmind Projects in Northeast Thailand, I gained insight into the need for education among underprivileged children and young people in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. This insight made me want to do more, and I have gradually started to identify (local) NGOs that can make a real difference to children and young people. It can preferably be done without the high administrative costs - so that the community can feel the work of NGOs.

At Openmind Projects, I realized how the spread of smartphones could support children and young people's learning. Especially in rural areas where the schools are not always so well-financed, smartphones can be an active learning tool. Smartphones can be used to find information and with the right training, train critical thinking. With access to more knowledge and a critical approach to data, young people can hopefully become committed citizens and help strengthen development and democracy in their countries. Through the acquisition of better English language skills and IT skills, several of the underprivileged children and young people will be able to access higher education. This, in turn, will enable them to lift themselves and their families out of poverty and make better lives.


I believe that everyone through learning-by-doing can make changes for the better in his life.

The world is getting smaller and smaller. My grandparents rarely travelled outside Denmark's borders, and the phone was down on the street corner. Today we move more than ever, I have lived a year and a half in Thailand and have access to the whole world from my smartphone. We no longer send letters; however, we send lots of SMS and FaceTime daily with people across the globe.

We have daily contact with people from very different cultural backgrounds than our own, which challenges us and develops us as human beings and communities. You can find shawarma takeaways, Indian restaurants, Sushi places and Turkish supermarkets all over the world. I believe that with curiosity and openness, we can all come very far and avoid some of the potential crises that the encounter with other cultures can bring.

We live in a connected world where events far away can easily influence our everyday lives. It is therefore essential, in my view, that we acquire a more global consciousness. What we do here-and-now can and will affect people on the other side of the earth.

One example is European and American consumerism, which has an impact on the environment in African and Asian countries. The production of many consumer products in these places is currently taking place without regard to the environment. Another example is the Syrian refugee crisis. How the war in Syria can put pressure on EU cohesion, how politicians have changed, and right-wing parties win.