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It started with an interest in international relations and public affairs. Then came the idea sparked by an article. While working for the City of Copenhagen, I (Bastian Friborg) read an article on how many embassies struggle with their work in Denmark due to cultural differences and the culture in the Danish Public Administration, among other things. From this came the idea to somehow help mitigate that issue, as it would benefit not only the diplomatic missions in Denmark but also businesses in Denmark and the general reputation of the country internationally.

I, Bastian Friborg, decided to start a business in the small and start out by gathering further knowledge on the issue and on the workings of diplomatic missions. This got accomplished through interviews (thanks to those who participated) and lots of reading.

Now Bastian Friborg Consulting offers several services to both diplomatic missions and businesses alike, as research proved that many small and medium-sized businesses in Denmark want to export, but have a hard time finding the right connections in the targeted country - something that the embassies in Denmark might be able to assist with.

Bastian Friborg connects businesses, embassies, and politicians to the benefit of all participants and the furtherment of a more prosperous world.

As part of the services offered are also media monitoring, especially for the smaller diplomatic missions that can not afford to hire local staff, I present a cheaper solution.

It is the hope that Bastian Friborg Consulting can help strengthen relations both between businesses and nations. We need it.

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Prinsessegade 75A, 5. tv

1422 Copenhagen K

Tel: +45 51 88 15 91

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