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The policymaking process is full of opportunities for stakeholder input, and it is here where we help our clients contribute effectively. We undertake a range of activities to ensure they meet with key influencers, participate during formal consultation periods, and use specific platforms to raise awareness of their position.

Stakeholder engagement

We manage our clients’ engagement process and help them connect across the political ecosystem in order to strengthen their cause. These include parliamentarians, civil servants, journalists, pressure groups, think tanks, trade associations, coalitions, and charities.


We ensure our clients contribute effectively at various stages of input into policymaking. Whether this is through consultation responses, committee hearings, or input into legislative proposals, we are there to assist with the process.

Event management

We plan and manage a range of targeted events, which offer opportunities to discuss policy issues of importance and help raise awareness of specific campaigns amongst the political and media community. In the political arena. Whether this is speaking platforms or media briefings, we seek out options that builds their institutional reputation. Including 'Folkemøde' at Bornholm or elsewhere in Denmark.

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Get engaged and connected with the right people.

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