Connect with businesses

As an Embassy, the connection with businesses in Denmark is often a priority to connect and engage with them to promote collaborations with businesses at home. However, it is typically only large enterprises that have the staffing or experience to start traditional partnerships. This does not mean that small and medium-sized businesses in Denmark do not have the drive to export and go into partnerships; it is just that they do not have the dedicated human resources to reach out to embassies and might rely on the Danish Trade Council.

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Bastian Friborg Consulting helps the Embassy identify sectors and small and medium-sized businesses to connect with. Typically, the Embassy can assist with an understanding of the business environment in their home country and perhaps even cut through some of the red tapes that smaller businesses can have a hard time dealing with.


Bastian Friborg Consulting helps the Embassy engage with the smaller businesses that often have a very different and entrepreneurial business culture. We translate both ways and ensure an mutually beneficial engagement.

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