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Public Affairs

Public Affairs with the client in focus

Good Public Affairs work takes good preparations. This means that we take the necessary time to prepare meetings with the client. We want to make sure that we understand the client's needs so we can give the best advice and make the right connections. Before a meeting with a politician or other decision-maker, we make sure that both parties agree on the premises and can see the common interest for both parties. At the meeting, we let the clients talk, as they are the ones with the relevant in-depth knowledge of the case.

Public Affairs take time to do right, and it is a continuous process. However, with consistent work and planning, organizations, businesses, and diplomatic missions will stand stronger simply because they keep themselves on the top of the mind of decision-makers and the public.

This is why we usually do not talk about hours per week but days per month when it comes to the contract.

Not sure which politician wil be most likely to support your case, and who will not? What is the best timing? This is usually where it all starts. Bastian Friborg Consulting will use these questions as a starting point when making a political analysis, no matter if the case is in relation to local issues with the municipality or if it is with decisions on a national level.

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