Political Consulting

Bastian Friborg Consulting offer its clients a customizable public affairs solution with all from monthly updates on hand-picked topics, to daily sparring, communication with public officials and politicians.

Political Consulting - Public Affairs Light

Bastian Friborg Consulting provides a consistent, personal and professional service to Danish and foreign companies, organizations and Embassies looking to establish a foothold in the official and political Denmark or otherwise further their interests in Copenhagen or Denmark.

Bastian Friborg Consulting works with you to achieve your goals and get deeper and stronger diplomatic ties to politicians and other central figures in the Danish Public Administration. All in a targeted, personal, service-oriented and cost-effective manner.

Bastian Friborg Consulting primarily works decentralized with clients, minimizing the retainer to a manageable level, while providing a personal and professional service, including establishing contacts, coordination and media monitoring.

The services provided by Bastian Friborg Consulting focuses on developing a lasting and consistent personal and professional working relationship with members of Parliament, the Danish Public Administration and municipalities.

The services are highly customizable to the needs of the client.

Contact and coordination

Building on insights and practical experience with the public sector in Denmark, Bastian Friborg Consulting can assist resident diplomats and business executives with establishing connections with the decision-makers in the Danish Public Administration and municipalities - especially the City of Copenhagen and politicians. If resident diplomats or business executives want to get a deeper understanding of the Danish welfare model or otherwise build cross-border cooperation, the assistance of Bastian Friborg Consulting in breaking the ice and establish contacts and facilitate meetings could very well be invaluable. Monitoring Danish media for non-Danish speakers is also a service provided by Bastian Friborg Consulting, so that the client can stay informed and react appropriately.