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Bastian Friborg Consulting - a gateway consultancy focusing on consulting embassies, foreign businesses, and organizations in Copenhagen seeking to establish a foothold in the public and political Denmark.

Bastian Friborg Consulting was founded in 2018 and seeks with integrity and professionalism to offer personalized media monitoring, public affairs, and government relations services and can help you navigate official Denmark. I assist with government business development and building reports with elected officials at Christiansborg, policy leaders, and decision-makers in the Danish Public Administration and municipalities in the Greater Copenhagen region.

Bastian Friborg Consulting is not like other public affairs companies. It provides a personal and professional public affairs experience – what I call ‘public affairs light.’ I focus on flexibility, the small everyday things, and knowing my clients to foresee their needs. Bastian Friborg Consulting also gives lectures about international relations at high schools in the Capital Region to strengthen the awareness and open the minds of the young and future generation of decision-makers.


To promote understanding and collaboration in both national and international affairs, international politics, and Danish foreign and security policy in an increasingly connected world.


Bastian Friborg Consulting will use and build its network in the Public Administration to support knowledge sharing with Danish and foreign businesses and resident diplomats.

Bastian Friborg Consulting will work strategically with different partners to spread knowledge of domestic and international affairs, international politics, and Danish foreign and security policy.

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