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Bastian Friborg Consulting is a flexible Political Consulting and Public Affairs Firm, which mainly do governmental relations and stakeholder management, and help you get noticed by all the right people. Whether through strategic, political targeting, multimedia monitoring, we have the tools to make our clients stand out.


Public Affairs for when you need to get influence. It includes political analysis on whom to meet and when, some media monitoring, and advice on the use of social media. We adapt to the needs of the organization and the situation.

What we do

Bastian Friborg Consulting offers a wide range of public affairs services. We take the necessary time to develop an understanding of your embassybusiness, or organization’s needs and goals, and we use this knowledge to produce programs of public affairs activity designed to achieve real results.


Three spheres merge in different ways and forms in all aspects of our business.

When our clients participate in the policymaking process, no matter how much or little, it is vital that they get fully prepared and have an agreed plan to achieve their business or mission objectives. We offer to challenge our clients on their approach and develop the most appropriate strategy.

Political developments and policy change create both risks and opportunities for an organization. We ensure our clients are kept up to speed and can plan effectively by tracking the political discourse of all relevant institutions and stakeholders, all while providing analysis and recommendations to key developments.

The policymaking process is full of opportunities for stakeholder input, and it is here where we help our clients contribute effectively. We undertake a range of activities to ensure they meet with key influencers, participate during formal consultation periods, and use specific platforms to raise awareness of their position.

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Practice Areas

A broad sector approach

Bastian Friborg Consulting continues to grow its expertise around various areas, sharing public affairs techniques over multiple sectors, seeking to provide the most innovative services to our clients. This broad sector approach also drives our consultants to continuously develop their in-depth knowledge and understanding of each area they work with.

We have significant experience in different sectors including:

  • Diplomacy & diplomatic relations

  • Business relations

  • Schools & Education

  • Energy

  • Environment

Ethical guidelines

Bastian Friborg Consulting is aware of its social responsibilities and complies with internationally recognized industry standards for ethical guidelines.

Bastian Friborg Consulting follows the following ethical principles for all of our clients:

  • Bastian Friborg Consulting can not simultaneously have the task of directly conflicting commercial interests.

  • Bastian Friborg Consulting acts with complete confidentiality regarding all matters relating to our clients.

  • Bastian Friborg Consulting always gives our clients the best possible objective advice - even if this is that the given client should not take any active action in any given case.

Read about our privacy policy here.

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