Bastian Friborg Consulting is a flexible Political Consulting Firm, which means we’ll do whatever it takes to get you noticed by all the right people. Whether through strategic, political targeting, multimedia monitoring, we have the tools to make our clients stand out. Check out all our services below.


Political Consulting

At Bastian Friborg Consulting, we take pride in the personalized, high-quality service we offer to all of our exceptional clients, including Political Consulting. We are focused on strengthening the relations with political decision-makers and the central administration.

Ethical guidelines

Bastian Friborg Consulting complies with internationally recognized industry standards for ethical guidelines.

Bastian Friborg Consulting follows the following ethical principles for all of our clients:

  • Bastian Friborg Consulting can not simultaneously have the task of directly conflicting commercial interests.

  • Bastian Friborg Consulting acts with complete confidentiality regarding all matters relating to our clients.

  • Bastian Friborg Consulting always gives our clients the best possible objective advice - even if this is that the given client should not take any active action in any given case.


Feel free to get in touch for more information about our Political Consulting Firm, the services we offer, or with general enquiries.

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