Media monitoring

Bastian Friborg Consulting offer its clients a customizable media monitoring solution with daily, weekly or monthly updates on hand-picked topics incl. commentary and recommendations for action. This allows you to stay on top of the agenda.

Media monitoring

Media monitoring enables your company or organization to stay on top of the political agenda and makes it easier to understand and influence politics. For the moment the media monitoring offered is focused on the Danish media and the Danish political system, mainly the parliament.

Media monitoring is offered either as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to the consulting services.

The stand-alone service of media monitoring, will in practice entail a meeting, where we agree on the scope of the monitoring, incl. the topics and the regularity of reports. The reports with commentary will arrive by email with regular, agreed-upon interval. This stand-alone service is mainly for companies or organizations that would like the benefit of media monitoring, but do not have the resources to hire a person full-time to do it and/or do not have the office room for such a person.

Media monitoring can also be added to an existing consultancy agreement either from start or at any time later on. If negotiated as part of a consultancy agreement the cost of media monitoring will be partly integrated into the overall monthly retainer. Should the service be added later, it can be done as a separate agreement or as an amendment to any existing consultancy agreement in effect at the time.

For both the stand-alone and the integrated option the media report will be delivered by email in either Danish or English, as specified in the relevant consultancy agreement.

What media monitoring include

Media monitoring in this case is understood very broadly and at the same time kind of specific. The media monitored include public profiles on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, regular news media in Denmark such as DR, Politiken, Arbejderen and Børsen, just to name a few and more specialized feeds such as the parliament's RSS. This is broad in range, however specific in the sense that it is only data from public political profiles on social media that is used, so the focus is on the political process and the lawmakers.

Media monitoring allow you to:

  • Follow a specific topic across channels
  • Follow i.e. interesting §20-questions in the parliament
  • Follow a specific law or laws within a certain field in the making
  • Enable timing and direction of efforts to influence decision makers in the process of forming a new law.

Bastian Friborg Consulting will report back daily or weekly with suggestion as what to do and when. Depending on the consultancy agreement I can also seek to arrange and prepare meetings with politicians.

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